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Lippens Food Express Lippens Food Express

Lippens Food Express: Transport specialiteiten


Our experience and dedication in the various fields of transport enables us to offer each of our clients a personal approach, tailored to their individual requirements.

Groententransport & Fruittransport Transport of fruit & vegetables
Bloementransport & Plantentransport Transport of flowers & plants
Diepvriestransport Frozen food transport
Hangend vleestransport Hanging meat transport
Geconditioneerd Transport Climate controlled transport
Farmaceutica Pharmaceuticals
Volumetransport Bulk transport

All of our trailers are equipped with a tracking & tracing system.



Contact Information

Lippens Food Express nv
Reperstraat 193
B-8870 Izegem
Tel.: +32(0)51.311095
Fax: +32(0)51.311215

VAT: BE 449.615.091
T.R. Kortrijk: 129.514

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